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Contraceptive Ad from Anandabodhini (1931)

Posted on Tue 14 January 2019

Translation below. I found it mildly interesting that 1) Marketed usecases were different for men and women. 2) Claim about Westerners using this contraption was mentioned only in the women's product description.

Lord of the Thighs

Rubber device for men's use

This is a miraculous tube. Specially made for men's use during sex. There is no way other than this instrument to prevent getting infectious diseases from women. Everyone can use this. No harm can happen because of this. ​

Price - 1-0-0 for 1

Device for women's use

This is the only scientifically observed instrument for pregnancy prevention. Made with the best quality rubber. A silk thread will also be sent along. A paper on how to use the aforementioned device will be sent too. This is the tube Westerners are using.

Price - 2-8-0 for 1