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Variable names/symbols in Telugu


Excerpts from Combinatorics chapter from the first Telugu encyclopedia (1915). Notice how Telugu characters are used for variable names/symbols, which is not the case anymore. Cool locale-specific examples abound such as in how many ways can Siva hold ten weapons in ten hands, what is the number of possible words of fixed length that can be composed using three parushas (hard? consonants) - ka, cha, ta etc.

Some Translations







Source : Andhra Vignana Sarvasvam - Volume 1, 1915 edition, edited by Komarraju Venkata Laxmana Rao

Last Week


Quaternions are called Chatushka-s in Telugu it seems. Literal translation is 'Tetrads'. I wonder how this nomenclature business works. Are there official committees that convene once a year/decade or so to conjure up Sanskrit names for all the latest mathematical abstractions ?

Source : Andhra Vignana Sarvasvam - Volume 5, 1965 edition

Grassman Ampere Connection

Grassman (of Grassman algebra) derived the expression for force of attraction between two closed current carrying loops using Ampere's observations

Source : Historical Encyclopedia of Natural and Mathematical Sciences, Volume 1, Springer Reference


The ubiquitous suffix "andi" in Telugu language has its roots in the Tamil word Aandavan(Lord)

Source : Chilukuri Veerabhadrarao

Viagra Boys

Maybe I'm reading too much into it but Viagra Boys' website ( with very goatse-esque visualizations feels like a subtle reference to Butthole Surfers

Sports :

Serverless Scraping on AWS

Lambda + Cloudwatch Events + S3 + Athena = Serverless Scraping at scale with ridiculous ease.