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Posted on Wed 15 June 2016 in misc

అవిస్మరణీయ పాత్రగళ్ indeed!

Watched Thithi today. Loved it. Raw and gritty portrayal of the human condition. You should do yourself and the team that made it possible a favour by spending your hard earned moolah on this.

The story and climax in particular reminded me of Chekhov's Stories.

Shit happens. Life goes on, nonchalantly trudging through, brushing aside the dirt smeared on cheeks. No fireworks or redemption in the end. Poor peasants, strained families, drinking and gambling, corrupt government servants, death, moneylenders, village romance - you name it, they are all present in this movie.

My Favourite Bits

Puli Meka Game - Brought back a flood of memories.

That white haired drunk old man who sets the floor on fire everytime the troupe plays. You can read more about him at Reddit AMA with Raam Reddy & Doron Tempert

Century Gowda's wisecracks at anything that moves.

Gaddappa's expressionless stoic face.

The Plot Thickens

There is one thing that has been pricking my mind though. The lead characters' names were transliterated as Gadappa and Thamanna as opposed to Gaddappa and Thammanna in the subtitles and all the promos and I wonder why. And I kind of noticed that the names were pronounced 'Gadappa' and 'Thamanna' in the movie at least a couple of times.

Is it a genuine mistake or is it part of a larger conspiracy to rid the world of consonants altogether, one character at a time?

Is the Movie's Director Raam Reddy not as innocent as he looks but an agent provocateur for a secret society for the proliferation of vowels that is so secretive that you will not even find a shred of evidence about it's existence on the entire internet?