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What is a Group

Posted on Fri 10 June 2016 in misc

Nope. This has absolutely nothing to do with Abstract Algebra. What we have here is a short film where one alien explains to another about musicians, producers, mixers and their social standings, capitalism, free market etc against a backdrop of performances, album covers, band photos and the song Free Will. Poignant and hilarious at the same time. Made by none other than Ian Svenonius from Make Up, Nation of Ulysses, Chain and the Gang and insert half a dozen more bands here

Some Gems

A group is a music factory who comprise a kind of heroic clown role in the culture, oftentimes consisting of indigent or underclass individuals. The group members’ highly specific job functions and task compartmentalization indirectly reflect its post-industrial imperialist origins.


As an embodiment of technical expertise, the engineer serves as the ambassador of science against the fantastical implications the group will invariably try to create. The engineer stands between what the group imagines and what the group actually creates.